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SIL Houses

At Carinbundi, we provide Supported Independent Living (SIL) services across Bundaberg and surrounds. With SIL houses throughout the region, we aim to give clients access to quality homes, like-minded people and support plans that are tailored to their needs—no matter how complex. 

From specialist behavioural management plans and 24-hour support to assistance with everyday household tasks, Carinbundi handles the whole spectrum of Supported Independent Living services. Whether a client requires constant supervision or minimal assistance, our goal is to deliver quality services that are personalised and professional.

We pride ourselves on flexible support that allows clients to expand their comfort zone, gain independence and develop their full potential. At Carinbundi, we do this by assisting:

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Challenging Behaviours

Carinbundi has a behaviour support team who work in partnership with specialist behaviour support practitioners to develop support plans to help people lead full lives in the community. We are qualified and trained in the safe implementation of physical assault avoidance and intervention in complex cases, continually monitoring the effectiveness of strategies used.

Dealing with challenging behaviours can be hard for families, loved ones and other stakeholders. That’s why Carinbundi offers such a high standard of support to clients throughout Bundaberg. We want to take the stress and difficulty off the shoulders of family members, so they can support their loved one in other ways.

Our team receives consistent, ongoing training and up-to-date skills in order to facilitate the best support possible. This includes ensuring regular family communication and involvement is still taking place. Count on the specialist team at Carinbundi to liaise with all external stakeholders as required!

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How Does SIL Work?

SIL is funded by the NDIS under Core Supports and consists of helping clients live as independently as possible, while supervising or supporting them with personal care, recreational activities, meal preparation, household tasks, shopping, attending medical appointments and any other services outlined within an individual’s care plan.

An NDIS package determines the living arrangements of all clients, matching residents with like-minded people of similar ages and interests. In this sense, Carinbundi endeavours to work with all providers to ensure the needs, wants and desires of the client are being met, while also working within the parameters of the care plan.

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How Much Does SIL Cost?

SIL funding is determined through NDIS and depends entirely upon a client’s care plan. This funding is for eligible people and is covered under Core Supports – Assistance with Daily Life. NDIS does not cover the cost of rent, utilities, meals and transport, but instead allows funding to be spent on a range of different supports.

Our team is here to assist, working closely with families and stakeholders to ensure all aspects of the support plan are met. Depending on the requirements of the individual, we provide flexible solutions and are available at all hours of the day or night to assist our clients.

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