Policies and Feedback/Complaint Forms

Privacy & Confidentiality Policy
To ensure information is received, recorded, accessed and stored appropriately to maintain confidentiality and remain compliant with relevant legislations and policies and procedures of Carinbundi.

Download Privacy & Confidentiality Policy – Revision 8

Preventing & Responding to the Abuse, Assault and Neglect Policy
Provide a standard approach for responding to the abuse of people with a disability and children both accessing services of this organisation and in the wider community; ensure all staff, both paid and unpaid, fully understand their obligations in relation to responding to any form of abuse of any person with a disability. Adherence to this policy is mandatory; raise the awareness of the organisation at all levels to the needs of people with a disability.

Download Preventing & Responding to the Abuse, Assault and Neglect Policy – Revision 7

Complaints Management Policy & Procedures
Carinbundi is committed to ensuring that any person or organisation using Carinbundi services, or affected by its operations, has the right to lodge a complaint or to appeal a decision of the organisation. All concerns that are raised will be addressed in ways that ensure access and equity, fairness, accountability and transparency.

Download Complaints Management Policy & Procedures – Revision 10

General Feedback

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