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Carinbundi provides a broad range of community access and inclusion day service programs for clients to enjoy and to help them reach their goals! Based in Bundaberg, we offer activities surrounding health, wellbeing, money management, work skills, life skills and so much more. Our aim is to support your loved one while helping them gain independence, confidence and the ability to navigate the tasks of everyday life.

From household routines like making the bed and washing up, to volunteer opportunities and cooking programs, these day services are designed to meet all client needs, from simple to complex. Whether a client is transitioning to independent living, or simply looking to expand their skillset, Carinbundi is here to assist through teaching, mentoring and tailored support.

We take great pride in offering programs that encourage independence, community engagement and a sense of responsibility in the minds of our clients.

To learn more about the programs we have on offer, simply get in touch with our skilled team in Bundaberg today.

This and next month’s programs are below.  

Our Day Programs

Carinbundi offers the following community access and inclusion day services and programs for people living with a disability:

Health & Wellbeing
Clients may choose from a range of physical activities, from walks and swimming to sports and games. Occasionally people within the community will visit to conduct physical activities and exercise programs.

Kitchen & Dining
This is a cooking program that includes developing a shopping list, purchasing groceries, preparing ingredients, cooking meals and cleaning up when done. Clients will also receive a cookbook with recipes prepared throughout the year!  See our current cookbook HERE.

Money Management
Clients are supported to manage and understand money by paying for their own purchases with the assistance of staff. We also have regular mock-up shops and markets designed to help clients better understand money and change. We are also able to assist our clients with budgets and savings.

Work Skills
This program supports clients to volunteer within the community, working with organisations like Meals on Wheels, Lifeline, Toy Library, Days for Girls and more. Clients are offered a variety of tasks depending on where they are volunteering—whether this means preparing food, washing dishes, peeling vegetables or otherwise.

Basic Life Skills
From road safety awareness to everyday life tasks like washing dishes, making the bed and hanging out the washing, this program teaches a range of life skills to help clients gain independence.

Transition To Independent Living Programs
If clients are transitioning to SIL or similar living arrangements, we offer programs to help them gain these skills so they can confidently navigate new challenges.

Craft, Sewing and Making Programs
Clients are supported to express their creativity through craft, sewing and making opportunities at Carinbundi – including 3D printing, sewing and making personalised gifts with our new sublimation printer.  See our NEW Sublimation Price List HERE.   


How Does It Work?

Depending on the type of NDIS funding the client has, a range of day services will be available to suit. This depends on many factors, from the significance of the client’s disability to their preferences for activities. If you are not sure how to proceed, don’t hesitate to contact our team in Bundaberg today.

We will walk you through the options and help you better understand what programs are available for your loved one. From transport assistance to coordination of support, the team at Carinbundi is here to help.

Call our skilled workers in Bundaberg and organise day services for your loved one now.

Ethan art
Amber Grace Girls Group outing

Peer Support Programs

Carinbundi offers a range of peer support programs, including:

Developing Social Skills
Building relationships with people in the community through programmed activities as well as developing friendships between clients within a group.

Community Outings
Clients go out in small groups with like-minded friends. Our clients get to choose where they want to go each week. It could be the beach, bowling, dinner, lunch plus many other activities in the community.

Educational Activities
Every program offered by Carinbundi has an underlying educational process to help assist learning and mentoring in a context that is fun, accepting and supportive.

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